Beach Wedding

They said, “You were the first photographer I looked and I knew it had to be you or no-one. I looked at other photographers but no other pictures compared to yours. Every single picture was so bright and beautiful, I can’t describe it. I knew I had to have you photograph our wedding too.

“…It had to be SJ or no-one”

…Thanks for everything SJ, you really are every bride and groom’s dream. Nothing was too much of a problem and you turned what most bride and grooms call the worst part <the portraits> into the best part.”

For bright and natural fine art wedding photography in Newcastle, Northumberland and for your  Northumberland beach wedding, get in touch and it will be an honour to do the same for you! I specialise in extremely hands-off, relaxed and natural wedding photography, with a focus on fun, laughter and movement.

I am passionate about being adaptable and flexible so your wedding day can flow smoothly and naturally. No posing, rushing or imposing my preferences, I work around you because I want the day to be about you, not me, or even your photos! I am aware that you won’t know exactly how you will feel until the wedding day so I will be very sensitive to your needs and mood. I look to give you space when you need it, match your energy when you are buzzing, and recognise any sensitive or private moments, and leave them that way.