I am so glad we have finally met! I have a feeling we are going to have great fun together.

My name is SJ. I am a Newcastle wedding photographer – big-hearted, belly-laughing, crazy cat lady! I am honoured to travel the world photographing the happiest and most amazing, life-filled, boho weddings.

Do you love to laugh, and are planning your dream wedding?

Perfect… You’re in the right place!

For me, natural wedding photography is all about people. I love people! I get to see the very best of family and relationships at a wedding and it never gets old!

I love to laugh, more than the average person (and so do my clients!) and this is why my pictures always end up so full of laughter. There is so much joy on a wedding day… I want to capture it ALL!

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I love seeing the pure joy on my client’s faces, and the faces of every guest at their wedding. To then see that same joy when they relive this emotion, captured forever in their wedding pictures, is what motivates me everyday.

I get so excited at each new wedding and I spend the whole day with the hugest grin on my face. Guests often comment that I am;

“The happiest photographer ever!”

It is because I genuinely love my job. Your wedding is a celebration like no other!

There is no other occasion in a person’s life when that many people come together to celebrate in such a big way. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is such an honour to capture it.

I understand that a wedding day is not just about the bride and groom but also all the people they love the most. I want to catch granny on the dance floor, your best friend’s tears, your auntie’s hand-made cake and your sister as she comes to the rescue to re-pin your veil.

I work in an unusually “hands off” way. My commitment is to photograph 100% naturally. For my clients this means:


As a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, getting “that” picture is not as important to me as your experience. I will never rush you, direct you or impose demands. Your enjoyment always come first in every way.

I want to help make your wedding the most relaxing and stress-free day possible, so I can capture you all at your most happy and see your true personalities.

When not photographing weddings, I can be found serving in my local church Hillsong, cooking (and eating) copious amounts of food (honestly, I can never get the portions sizes right) or teaching my ‘half-dog’ cat Jeremy tricks (seriously, he can 5 and counting!)

I really hope we will get a chance to chat more, I would love to hear more about you and the beautiful day you are planning.

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SJ was everything we were looking for…

“Everyone tells you “make sure your photographer is the right one, it will be all you have left from the day.”

How right that advice was, and how difficult it was to make that decision!….That was until I found SJ!

Her lighting, editing and natural approach was everything I was looking for!

But me, being me, I kept looking… just to be sure…

I shouldn’t have wasted my time!

As far as I could see, there was nobody out there whose photographs come close!

And not only that, but SJ is absolutely lovely!

On the day, meeting SJ, she has this amazing calming aura about her, talking to everyone to make sure they were relaxed.

She captured every laugh, cry and act of stupidity amazingly. The photographs are warm, natural and capture my family and friends exactly how we wanted.

We feel incredibly lucky to have found SJ!

If you are looking for a photographer that is natural and will capture your day in the most incredibly creative way, …then there is no one other than SJ. “

I shouldn’t have wasted my time… As far as I could see, there is nobody out there whose photographs come close to SJ’s.