The Parlour At Blagdon

Welcome to the The Parlour At Blagdon Wedding hub! I’m Sarah-Jane (SJ for short!), I have had the privilege of photographing at most of the region’s best wedding venues and Blagdon Parlour stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to an intimate, quaint and deliciously shabby chic wedding venue.

Below you’ll find some featured real weddings, followed by a look at how gorgeous The Parlour At Blagdon is, and how beautiful your wedding photos can look:

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The Parlour At Blagdon At A Glance

The Parlour At Blagdon is a unique and beautiful DIY wedding venue, situated within the Blagdon Estate, just north of Newcastle and close to the historic Northumberlandia. 

It has a rustic romantic setting with superb food and the highest levels of service. You can choose to hold your wedding ceremony either in the grade 2 listed Smithy, or in the scenic landscape gardens, comfortably hosting 90 guests. 

You can also enjoy the reception in the gardens and the Stables bar area, or the evening reception in the Willow room with a dance floor, bar and a DJ. 

On site, they have 5 beautifully-decorated rooms, including the bridal suite with its own en-suite. You can host up to 8 guests in the other 4 bedrooms. The accommodation includes a full English breakfast the following morning, coupled with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco for the Bridal suite. 

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Each year, I get booked up very fast so please get in touch to check my availability for your date as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Why The Parlour At Blagdon Is Great For Your Wedding Photos

The Smithy is a historic and charming building that was once used as a blacksmith’s workshop. It has been converted into a cosy and elegant ceremony space that features original brick walls, wooden beams, and a vaulted ceiling. The Smithy has large windows that let in natural light and offer views of the gardens. The Smithy also has festoon lighting that creates a warm and romantic glow for your photos.

The gardens are a beautiful and tranquil setting for your wedding photos. They are landscaped with lush greenery, colourful flowers, and rustic features such as a wooden arch, a stone well, and a vintage bicycle. The gardens also have a pond with a fountain and a bridge that add to the charm and serenity of the place. The gardens are perfect for capturing the natural beauty and joy of your wedding day.

The Stables bar area is a cosy and inviting space that is ideal for your reception photos. It has a fireplace, a sofa set, and a wooden bar that create a homely and relaxed atmosphere. The Stables bar area also has festoon lighting that adds to the ambience and the mood of your photos. The Stables bar area is a great place to mingle with your guests and enjoy some drinks and snacks.

The Blagdon Estate is a stunning and expansive location that offers many opportunities for your wedding photos. It has rolling hills, green fields, and wooded areas that provide scenic and diverse backdrops for your photos. You can also enjoy views of the Northumberlandia, a huge land sculpture of a reclining female figure that is visible from the estate. The Blagdon Estate is a magnificent and impressive place to capture the grandeur and splendour of your wedding day.

The festoon lighting, the fireplace, and the shabby-chic decor are some of the elements that give The Parlour At Blagdon its unique and distinctive style. They create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for your wedding photos, as well as adding some sparkle and warmth to your photos. They also complement the rustic and romantic theme of the venue, as well as reflecting your personality and taste

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Each year, I get booked up very fast so please get in touch to check my availability for your date as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Benefits of The Parlour At Blagdon

I’m sure you can probably tell, but I love The Parlour at Blagon – it’s hands down one of my favourite places to take photos of my lovely couples!

  • As you’ve seen – The Parlour is full of gorgeous styling, beautiful design and has a cosy feel. Not only that but all the spaces there are perfect for bright, natural pictures like the ones I take.
  • An impeccable wedding venue situated in the Northumberland countryside
  • You will have a choice of two ceremony locations, either the Smithy or the gardens, both of which are picturesque and idyllic.
  • You will have a wedding coordinator and a master of ceremonies who will help you plan and execute your wedding day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to your wishes.
  • You will have a range of picturesque and idyllic backdrops for your wedding photos, from the Smithy to the gardens, from the Stables bar area to the Blagdon Estate. You will also have the festoon lighting, the fireplace, and the shabby-chic decor to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for your photos.
  • You will have exclusive use of the venue and its facilities until midnight, meaning you can enjoy your privacy and intimacy with your guests.