“Within 30 SECONDS I knew I had to book SJ for my WEDDING…”

“Within 30 SECONDS I knew I had to book SJ for my WEDDING…”

International, Award-Winning

Bright, Fun & Natural
Fine-Art Wedding
Photography for Relaxed
& Fun-loving Couples

Newcastle Wedding Photographer

Are you a Relaxed & Fun-loving couple looking for a Bright & Natural wedding photographer?

Are you planning a Creative, Rustic & Boho
Destination wedding in Europe and beyond?

Perfect! You’re in the right place.

Newcastle wedding photographer SJ, provides her unique style of bright, fun and natural, fine-art wedding photography, throughout Europe and beyond.

Whether you’re planning a rustic woodland wedding in the UK or a destination wedding in Italy, France, Greece , Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Mallorca , SJ’s “LIGHT & ETHEREAL” images will capture all the emotion and laughter for you to relive in the years to come.

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From Italy, Mallorca, France, to glasshouse weddings and woodland wedding ceremonies here in the UK.

There are so many beautiful real weddings to inspire any bride planning a rustic, boho wedding or a fun-filled destination wedding.

Simply click on each thumbnail image to see the whole, natural wedding. Many of SJ’s weddings have been featured on Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress and many more!

Whether you are looking for inspiration on beach or rustic woodland wedding ceremonies, vineyard or natural wedding photography, even cliff top Italian weddings, there is plenty to inspire you, and hopefully help you feel even more excited to have bright, natural and fun-fill images from your wedding too.


As an award-winning, internationally published photographer, SJ is honoured to be in high demand and only accepts a limited number of weddings each year.

To avoid disappointment, there is the option to contact SJ before securing you wedding date and she is more than happy to work with you to find the perfect wedding date.

If you are planning a beautiful winter wedding between April and October there is even a special winter wedding discount. Get in touch to find out more.

Scroll down to hear what past natural and destination wedding brides say about hiring SJ along with links to publications showcasing her work.


More than just a natural wedding photographer, SJ’s warm-hearted, bubbly personality lights up any room and ensures that everyone feels instantly at ease the moment she enters the room.

The relaxed and fun atmosphere she creates, produces the uniquely bright, natural and fun-filled images you see on this website. If you are a couple who love to laugh and have fun together then SJ is the perfect choice.

A laugh-a-minute girl, her focus is ensuring that every client feels valued, prioritised and encouraged.

If you are looking for a creative wedding photographer who will stay respectful, flexible and hands-off on your wedding day, you are in the right place

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Hello my lovely… I have a feeling we are going to be great friends!

I have the honour of working all over Europe capturing fun-filled, rustic, destination weddings for couples who love to laugh and want bright, natural wedding photos.

I am a people-person who’s greatest joy is making sure every member of a wedding day feels instantly at ease so I can see their true personality.

Even during your portraits (often the most nerve-wracking bit for brides and grooms) there will be no award posing or direction with me. Instead I will get you moving and laughing, playing silly games and enjoying each other’s company.

SJ is a bright, natural wedding photographer headshot

I believe this uniquely hands-off, natural approach creates images full of life, emotion and fun, and helps me capture you at your best.

When not photographing beautiful weddings, whether in Newcastle or Italy, you can find me dreaming at the beach in Northumberland, engaging in various crafting projects, or teaching tricks to our crazy ‘half-dog’ cat Jeremy. I’d love to get to know you too.

If you are a relaxed couple creating an alternative, rustic or destination wedding, and would like bright, natural, fairytale images to match, I would be honoured to be there with you. Get in touch as soon as you can, and we will find the perfect date!


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Why Book A Natural Wedding Photographer?

There are many types of wedding photography out there – from dark to bright, creative to traditional and posed to natural and anything in between!

As you’ve probably seen from my work, I LOVE bright pictures and you’re still reading because you do too!

But I also love photographs that have that natural feel – like a series of beautifully captured memories from the day that makes you feel like you’re back in the moment every time you look at them.

Some people prefer the more formal or posed look to their wedding photographs, and that’s totally ok – but if you love images that are full of life and laughter, then natural wedding photography is for you! 

Pictures you’ll love!

Because I work in a hands-off way, you and your wedding guests are able to relax and have fun all day. I won’t be hassling you every 5 minutes for set pictures, instead, I’ll be following the sound of laughter and capturing beautiful memories of your day!

I also work hard to combine my natural style with that elegant, fine-art style. So during couple portraits rather than having you stand posed, I prefer to create dynamic, fun pictures of the two of you together that are elegant, fine art pictures, but are full of life!

Of course, if we have those chic, poised moments we’ll make the most of them! But we’ll have a great time doing it for sure!  

Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

  • Can I see examples of full weddings? It’s great to see a photographers portfolio, but it’s important to see some recent weddings. What are you looking for? Because you’re looking for natural wedding photography, check to see if the people in the photographs look happy! That means there’s a good rapport between all the guests and the photographer. Do people look posed? You’re looking for pictures that are dynamic and not focussed on posed images.
  • Do you have any testimonies from past couples? There’s only one way to be sure that a photographer can deliver what they promise, and that’s glowing reviews from past couples! Take a look through my most recent weddings to see the types of testimony you want to see.
  • Do you offer family pictures? There are many different types of wedding photographer. Some mainly focus on family formals, and some won’t offer them at all. Although you won’t see any family picture examples on my website, I love to get some beautiful family pictures for you to treasure forever. You will often see bride & bridesmaids pictures – my family pictures are similar to this, but with everyone looking into the camera.
  • How long will it take to get our pictures? I only take a limited number of commissions each year because I love to give really good service! Many photographers take several months to deliver your final gallery, but I prioritise a quick turnaround, delivering in 4 weeks.
  • How will you be dressed on the day? This sounds silly, but many natural photographers are relaxed people so dress very casually, even for a wedding. If that’s not something you’re keen on, make sure to check. Whilst I make sure my footwear is comfortable, everything else about my clothing is what I’d wear to a friends wedding too. I’m there to celebrate you just as much as I am to photograph you!

How To Make The Most Of Your Natural Wedding Photography

It’s my job to make great, natural pictures, but there are a few tips to consider to make the most of your natural wedding photographer!

Don’t worry about looking into the camera (although don’t panic if you do happen to do it!) – unless you’re in a group photo, never worry about looking into my camera.

There are two reasons for this – First, I might be capturing something you’re about to react to, in which case I want you to be able to be in the moment.

Second, I might not be taking a picture of you! Because of the professional gear that most natural wedding photographers use, it may look like the camera is pointed at you, even though it’s not.

The vast majority of the time you’ll not see me, but remember if you do, there’s no need to look into the camera. 

Make it a priority to have fun and laugh lots! I know many couples are nervous, especially during the earlier parts of the day – so don’t worry if you are!

But if you can lead the way for your family and friends by simply having a great time you’ll be amazed at how quickly everyone follows suit.

The most important thing is to be yourself, so if you quietly and reflectively enjoy your family friends, do that – if you’re a bit nuts, and love a raucous time, just do you! Don’t give in to any pressure or expectations – perceived or real – about how to act or enjoy your day.

Consider entertainment for during your drinks reception – performance artists and magicians can work really well for captivating people’s attention and making them laugh or gasp in amazement!

Again, if this feels like a good fit for you, it’s important to book something that you’re going to enjoy.

I have some great contacts if you need any recommendations, but it’s worth asking around to see if any of your friends know any great entertainment acts as it can really set the tone for the day.

Laughter & Fun!

Using outdoor space as much as possible can really help people relax (unless it’s freezing, hello UK winter!!) – so if there’s a chance, consider an outdoor, or covered ceremony and the same for drinks receptions to too.

People can spread out, and it helps with that relaxed, informal mentality.

Space not only helps people relax more, but it really helps me to move around groups of people – I’m always listening for a punchline or a laugh and that space really helps me respond quickly and capture all the fun!

Let your immediate family and bridal party know my name – it really helps everyone relax around me if they’re primed to know me on a first-name basis.

Of course, I’ll make connections with everyone on the day itself, but this really helps get people comfortable with my presence as quickly as possible.

You know I’m lovely, but for the people meeting me for the first time it can take a little time, this tip helps speed up the process.

Getting a groomsman or another organised person to help gather people for formal pictures can really take the focus off me – often guests will perceive family/formal pictures as something I’m making you do, and they may resent a photographer for taking you away from them.

So to avoid all that, have a guest or family member with an organised streak to help gather the correct people.

That takes the attention off me as the photographer but really allows me to focus on my part which is making sure the picture is as good as it can be. Not only that, but it really speeds the process up!