Sefton Park Palm House

Palm House in Sefton Park, Liverpool; what an utterly dream venue to get married in! Getting married beneath a myriad of tropical plants and palm trees in a victorian orangery is escapism and beauty at it’s very best! Ste & Jess planned their Palm House wedding to be an adorably English affair. From Jess’ exquisite vintage beaded dress to the sweet and intimate picnic themed wedding breakfast the whole day was relaxed and fun and perfect!

They said,

“…Thank you so much, you have been amazing. I feel like I have a new best friend!

You’re a beautiful person inside and out and I feel privileged to have had you as our wedding photographer.

…I found our wonderful photograph, Sarah-Jane Ethan, after trawling the internet for days and days.

I was so adamant that I didn’t want formal wedding photos that at first, we were planning on not having a photographer at all! Little did I know at that point that the amazing Sarah-Jane Ethan existed and thank God she did!

I instantly fell in love with her work. Each image looked like a dream and at that point, I knew I had to either have her or have no-one!

Ste and I were a little apprehensive about having our photos taken but we needn’t have been. SJ made us feel at ease from the moment we met her. She fitted right into our day as if she were one of our guests.

The images she created of us are so beautiful and I still can’t believe that’s us and our day! She captured all the moments we missed, beautiful images of our special guests celebrating with us and having a fantastic time. I’ll never get bored of looking at them!”

A Botanical Ceremony In Sefton Park

The Palm House is the gorgeous crown of Sefton Park in Liverpool – the stunning Grade II listed orangery is one of the most beautiful places to get married ever…! In fact, people travel from all over the world just to get married here.

Combining Jess’ beautiful styling with that distinct botanical atmosphere made the wedding day feel so special (and tropical!). I just love the way the light fills the whole space!

Although Jess and Steve’s wedding is on a lovely summers day – the wonderful thing about a Palm House wedding is that no matter what time of year, or what the weather ends up like, it’s going to have that outdoor wedding feel!

Moving on to the styling, Jess added such beautiful, complimentary touches to an already stunning location. The whole venue is flooded with natural light and no matter what time of day it’s gorgeous and bright.

Even though it was a gorgeous day, you can’t not make the most of all the botanicals, hidden away spaces and stunning views the inside of the Palm House has to offer. You can imagine that even on a rainy winter’s day, there’s still plenty of options for your couples portraits (and family pictures too!)

I mean, just look at that entranceway! The architecture reflects the wonderful style of the time it was built (in 1896!) – so much credit to the team who have painstakingly restored the building and grounds over the last few decades!

Speeches are one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of the wedding day, but they’re taken to another level when your surroundings are this beautiful. I don’t think it matters what angle I take a picture from, it always looks good here!

As you can see, the space is perfect for every part of your wedding day – even making the perfect dance floor! And I’m pretty sure all that extra oxygen from the plants helps the energy levels reach even higher!

Planning a wedding at Palm House, Sefton Park? For relaxed and creative wedding photography at Palm House or anywhere in Europe and beyond get in touch and it will be an honour to do the same for you!


The Palm House itself has that gorgeous Victorian design aesthetic – in fact, it’s built entirely from iron and glass, which is why it looks so stunning.

If the beauty wasn’t enough, the Palm House also has some fascinataing history attached too. The statues at each corner are of inspiring cultural figures from the time, and really vibe with the feel of the whole gardens. The orangery was even saved purely by luck when suffragettes attempted to bomb the structure. During the war, however, the Palm House did suffer significant damage – but thankfully through a number of charitable works, and lots of dedicated volunteers we still have the Palm House with us for us to enjoy!

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