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“Within 30 SECONDS I knew I had to book SJ for my WEDDING…”

“Within 30 SECONDS I knew I had to book SJ for my WEDDING…”

So, you’re planning a wedding in Mallorca, what a great choice!

As a bright, fun and natural wedding photographer Mallorca has long had a special place in my heart.

I regularly visit and have become so familiar with this beautiful island. From the buzzing marinas of the south, the tropical mountains of the centre, the secluded beaches and hidden coves of the East and the golden sands and ancient landmarks of the north.

It is my pleasure and honour to provide light, emotional and oh so beautiful wedding images to relaxed and fun loving couples planning their perfect wedding in Mallorca.

Planning a Mallorca Wedding…

Below are a small selection of my favourite real weddings from all over the world:

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My name is Sarah-Jane Ethan (SJ to my friends, of which you are now one!)

I am an award-winning, experienced, fine-art, destination wedding photographer. I have the honour of photographing relaxed and fun weddings all over Europe and beyond.

“The happiest photographer ever!”

My clients are always fun-loving coupes who want a non-traditional wedding day full of laughter and beauty.

My images are bright, fun and pastel with a fairy-tale feel, and my approach is very hands-off, flexible and friendly.

I pride myself of making everyone on a wedding day feel totally relaxed and comfortable around me so I can really see, and photograph, their personality.


Why hire an English-speaking Wedding Photographer?

As an english-speaking wedding photographer, Mallorca offers the best of both worlds. It provides all the stunning scenery and culture of Spain, whilst also being accessible and friendly to English brides and wedding customs.

I am based in the UK but, as I am so familiar with the island I am in the unique position to offer english-speaking wedding photography and sensitivity to English wedding customs, whilst also being able to offer insights and advice on this special island.

My service includes all travel and accommodation as standard so you can book with confidence knowing everything is covered.

How much will it cost?

Just like wedding venues and all other wedding suppliers, the costs of your photographer will vary.

The question really comes down to what is most important for you. There is nothing wrong with hiring a budget wedding photographer if you are happy with the risks. For some people their wedding photographs are just not that important and that is absolutely fine! Weddings are expensive affairs and you must make your priorities and stick to them to make sure costs don’t escalate. There are budget wedding photographers who will be perfect.

Equally, affording a professional, experienced wedding photographer can be the only choice for couples who want to have incredible images to capture the elegance and emotion of their wedding day. The benefits of splashing out on a wedding photographer in Mallorca who is exactly right for you can’t be overstated.

Check out more stunning real wedding I have had the honour of photographing below:

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How to choose your Wedding Photographer

There are many great choices of photographer on this wonderful island, so in this next section I will go through some of main factors and things to help you choose.

Relaxation & Comfort:

Your wedding photographer will be there for some of the most intimate moments of your destination wedding day.

From getting ready with your bridesmaids and getting your dress on, to your first kiss, tearful embrace with grandma and your private portrait session.

The benefits of feeling 100% comfortable with your wedding photographer will directly affect how much you are able to relax and enjoy your wedding day without feeling self-conscious in any way, as well as trusting that they will care about your comfort, respect your privacy when needed and be alert to capture those special photos in the emotion-filled moments.

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This is something that is very important to me as a wedding photographer who is based in Mallorca, who has 10 years experience and photographs weddings all over the world.

I am very keenly aware that this is your day not mine.

My number one priority is to make sure every one, your family and friends included, feel totally relaxed and at ease around me. I am very sensitive to personal privacy, sensitivities and insecurities.

I am fun, personable and friendly and have excellent communication so I am to make sure that everyone feels like I am one of the family (which is often mentioned to be by other wedding guests too. If your wedding guests think I am an old friend of yours, which is often the case, then I know I have achieved what I set out to give you).

I am also extremely good at quietly blending into your day and capturing intimate moments without even being noticed or intrusive in anyway.

I am always alert and on the look out for moments between you and your family and friends.

My particular skill is in capturing natural moments which are full of movement and emotion so this is always a big focus for me on a destination wedding day.

Flexible & Sensitive Coverage:

Many photographers focus on more formal moments and are intrusive and uninterested in delicate moments or allowing to show in your wedding photographs, personality so this is a really big decision to make when choosing your wedding photographer.

For example, if you are looking for a wedding photographer who will take charge, enforce timetables, take over the schedule, shout for groups and pressurising for certain pictures then I would not be the right photographer for you.

I even heard of a photographer who shouted for the bride to stop half way down the aisle with her Dad as she entered the ceremony so he could get a picture! In my style of working, that is not ok.

Some brides are looking for this, and are happy with the interruptions if it means they get the wedding photos they want, and there are so many great options available. But this is definitely not me. interrupting your day in way was is an absolute no for me.

My particular strength as a wedding photographer in Mallorca, is to quietly blend in the day and capture beautiful, artistic, fine-art wedding images without you even noticing!

So many of my clients comment that they barely even noticed me on the day (apart from my laughter and warm chatting) and were so surprised to see stunning images they didn’t even know I was present for.I won’t set up fake shots in the morning, I’m not good at bossing people around during the group family pictures, I will not rush you if you are running late in the morning or pressurise you into doing more portrait pictures that you are comfortable and will enjoy doing.

Brinkburn priory wedding photographer

I am very flexible and will adapt to whatever you want. I am very aware that nobody knows exactly how they will feel on their wedding day and therefore what they want. For this reason I will never stop you from changing your mind on your wedding day.

You don’t want to do any more portraits, no problem! We can stop! You want to change the timetable around? No problem, if you are happy then I am happy.

I just want you to be able to enjoy your wedding day and will do and adapt to whatever I need to to make that happen.

Natural, Fun Wedding Images:

Many traditional wedding photographer are interested in formal, serious image and to be fair, they are really good at them. Again however this is not me!

My personality and approach to life is fun and enthusiastic. I love to laugh, a lot! I love to connect with people and see them enjoy themselves.

For me, a wedding photo is missing something if it’s not got laughter in it. I often walk around a destination wedding day listening into people conversations and waiting for the punchline so I can steal a quick picture of them laughing without them even realising!

I sometimes joke that I am more like a professional eaves-dropper! But I can’t describe the joy I get from capturing a picture of someone deep in a bell-laugh. The joy and fun is almost palpable and you can’t help but smile no matter how many times you look at it. To me, capturing a person at their most relaxed is to capture them at their best. I often think these make the best keep-sakes, especially of elderly relatives.

My couples typically are the same; they love to laugh. I generally get hired by couples who value family, fun and friendship above all else.

Far from a formal, stuffy wedding day, they want a day full of laughter and connection. They often plan games and entertainment to get their wedding guests engaged and having fun. Making sure it is a day to remember and I am there to make sure they have the very best images to remember it by.

Trust & Professionalism:

As a wedding photographer with 10 years experience, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and know exactly what to expect. I have back-ups for my back-ups and take every precaution and contingency necessary to make sure that your wedding day and my wedding photography service is delivered without any hiccup.

Enjoy your adventure!

I want to make sure you have 100% peace of mind, knowing you are hiring someone with extensive experience who has already learn through her mistakes (because lets face it everyone makes mistakes in the first few years of business) so you can have peace of mind that there will be no mistakes that will affect your wedding day.

I conduct myself in a very professional way, dressing as a guest, respectful of the solemnity and elegance of your wedding day. I once saw a wedding picture from a high-end, destination, villa wedding and the photographer was wearing a dirty white t-shirt, torn jeans and running trainers. He didn’t exactly look like he belonged in such a elegant, stunning wedding. You can be assured this would never happen with me. I dress so like a wedding guest that many guests have mistaken me for another wedding guest! This is perfect and allows me to blend in and get those natural images of everyone having fun.

You can also be reassured because of the professionalism and experience of my wedding photography business, that you will get exactly what you pay for. Your images will look exactly like the ones you see on my website. This is a huge relief for many brides getting married in Mallorca because, wedding photography can be one of the most nerve-wracking purchases you can make because you don’t get to see what you have purchased until after the wedding! By this point it is too late!

I have had so many brides who went for cheaper wedding photography options and deeply regretted it, get in touch asking me to rescue their wedding images.

Sadly this isn’t possible. Once the image is taken, it is done and my heart breaks for them that they will never be able to recover those memories again.

Feedback from my brides is the most precious part of my job and I am so elated to receive happy message after happy message from brides who are so thrilled with their images and how much I helped make the day relaxed and enjoyable for them.

This means the absolute world to me and is the pride of my business.

Still Need Help to Decide?

Still not sure what type of wedding photography is right for your wedding in Mallorca?

Click here to find out more about my services and what to expect. As a bright, elegant Mallorcan wedding photographer is the prefect location to work so I would be honoured to join you for your adventure and help make it the best day ever, if you are looking for bright, fun and natural wedding images.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.