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Business Academy

…is an intensive overhaul, designed to not only equip you with tried-and-tested, BUSINESS-BOASTING sales and marketing techniques, but also develop confidence strategies to INCREASE your prices, withstand and CONVERT DEALSEEKER, and create an enviable WORK-LIFE BALANCE.


The WOLFE- ISLAND “Game-Changer” Photography Business Academy is a whirlwind tour of four game-changing modules (plus many more bonus and advanced lessons)

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24Hrs… WFT?!

“Within 24 hours I had clients booking within ONE EMAIL…WTF?!! This is a GAME-CHANGER for my business! I LEARNT SO MUCH, not only marketing but how to save time with my workload and get people to BOOK MORE quickly.”

– Katie B

So Much More!

“I was expecting to be given info on MARKETING but got so much more! These are practical techniques I can use to target the clients I want, paying the PRICES I WANT. Your help has been AMAZING, without you I would never have come so far.”

– Chris R

F*cking Brilliant!

“Matt and SJ are f*cking brilliant!They are ENTHUSIASTIC and helpful and I look forward to each new lesson. The Game-Changer academy EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS, now I am less afraid to PUT MY PRICE UP and stand my ground with deal-seekers.”

– Stevie J


“My business has WHIRL-WINDED and I’ve got you guys to thank.

In one month I’ve had MORE BOOKINGS THAN THE PREVIOUS SIX MONTHS COMBINED and I’ve been able to jump full-time into my business,

I thought it might be a one-off but the next month brought the same.

Two more bookings and I will be at my year’s target and I’m almost half BOOKED FOR NEXT YEAR ALREADY too! I’ve not had a single enquiry for a registry office and I’ve now got bookings outside my city… oh and NO DISCOUNTS EITHER!”

– Dan M

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Module Overviews


Finding (or being found by) the right clients is the single most important (and illusive) part of running a successful photography business.

Over the years we’ve tried it all, a wide array of free and paid marketing strategies.

Some have wasted valuable time and money, and some have skyrocketed our business (reassuringly it was many of our FREE STRATEGIES which PROVED THE MOST EFFECTIVE!) In this module we invite you to learn from our mistakes and successes, and detail our current, time-proven system for finding our own dream clients.

These strategies have helped generate up to 500 HIGH-BUDGET WEDDING ENQUIRES a year, leaving us free to pick and choose what wedding we want.


Getting potential clients to your website is one thing, but getting them to stay and click the all important “contact” button, is quite another!

In this module we’ll look at how to create an IRRESISTIBLE BRAND which stands out from the competition, and produces clients eager to book, with wallets open and hearts set.

Using these techniques I have consistently attracted CLIENTS WHO BOOK their wedding day AROUND MY AVAILABILITY year after year. Clients who are ready to book from the first email, often saying they want me and only me. This is the power of a strong website and unique brand.


There is nothing worse than finally getting dream enquires and being ghosted after the first email! In this module we’ll look at the final hurdle many photographers fall at, the POINT OF SALE.

How do you get a client to actually, and confidently, PART WITH THEIR MONEY?

It is surprisingly easy once you know how, and this is the module that often produces the most dramatic results.

Past attendees have reported a literal OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION in their booking rate, stopped wasting time on client meetings and began booking new clients over one email instead! … all from making just A FEW SIMPLE ADJUSTMENTS.


Most photographers start their business with dreams of independence and more time for family and fun, but the hard slog of late nights, weekends and endless hours obsessing over social media, can quickly put that dream to death.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be like that! Efficiency is a personal hobby of ours and we’ve streamlined our business to within an inch of it’s life, enabling us to work a full-time workload in just 3 DAYS A WEEK and even taking a whole MONTH OFF EVERY YEAR.

Let us guide you through all our GEEK-TASTIC HACKS and lightening quick processes to RECLAIM WEEKS AND MONTHS worth of free time so you can not only have a better business but a better life too.

This Really Works!

“You were right! This really works! Just had an absolutely IDEAL ENQUIRY, I’m still tweaking things but it really does work!

My ENQUIRIES ARE BETTER and I haven’t had anyone try to barter me down. We’ve cracked it guys, we’ve cracked it!

Already booked 6 HIGHER PRICED WEDDINGS, so another PRICE INCREASE will come soon too! Woohoo!”

– Stevie J

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Marketing Module

Branding Module

Sales Module

…And More!