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What is included?

Firstly all travel and accommodation is included to anywhere in the world! The aim is to spare you the added logistics and help you keep a tight reign on your finances as I know costs can quickly escalate!

You will receive at least 400 images on USB. You have the option to add a beautiful hand-crafted album if you wish too, details and prices can be found here.


How long will you be there on the day?

I will arrive 60-90 mins before you leave for the ceremony and stay with you through to your first dance or start of the dancing. The only time I will not take pictures is during the meal as these are never the most flattering!

Usually I focus on the prettiness of the bridal preparations in the morning but if your groom happens to be getting ready in the same building then I am more than happy to pop along to them too if you wish.


Will you eat with us?

I am so grateful that many couples see me as a friend and invite me to be a part of the party sitting with their guests during the meal. I am so honoured and love to get to know some of your friends more! It is especially wonderful as I have often travelled many miles to be there. However this is never a requirement as I know wedding are expensive things and the last thing I want to do is add more cost so I am very happy to bring a picnic, just let me know!


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Do we meet before the wedding?

I am often on the road so meeting up can be tricky however I am always available to chat on the phone or Skype about anything and love to hear all the girlie details so don’t be a stranger!


How long will it be before we get our pictures?

One of the things that is an absolute priority for me is to limit how many weddings I accept firstly so that I am fresh and ready for your wedding but also so that I can get your images to you as soon as possible! Industry standard is several months but I aim to deliver your images within just 4 weeks!!!


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Do you shoot digital or film?

I adore the colours and dreamy feel of old vintage film however shooting film is very restrictive with each image needing to be carefully composed which can be intrusive on your day. My priority is to all your day to flow naturally and to catch those amazing natural moments which happen in a split second so this can be done so much better digitally so I shoot digital but seek to create a soft, bright film-grade appearance to the images afterwards. Best of both worlds!


Can we need a second shooter?

The more cameras there are, the more instrusive it will feel for your guests but the great news is that I am well practiced at capturing absolutely everything on my own. I will come to your wedding alone in order to ensure that your day flows as naturally as possible and everyone one of your guests feels relaxed and at ease.

If you would still like a second shooter I do have a magnificent partner-in-crime – my lovely husband Matt. Matt is the one that trained me in this uniquely discreet style so we work very well together.

Far from usual second shooters (who are often new to photography) you will be getting another amazing photographer in his own right. You can see Matt’s amazing work here. It is an additional £1,200 to hire Matt too.



How can we book?

Super easy! No meetings, no posted forms, I have an online booking form and take a small deposit and then that is it! You are officially in the diary so you can relax, put your feet up and start planning the little details of your day! Yay!


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