Top 5 Best Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Finding the perfect Bridesmaid dress can seem like a difficult task. There are so many bridesmaids dress trends,  styles and options, and there is always the tricky balance of making sure they compliment the look and style of your wedding day too.

I have had brides confess to me, they are worried incase the bridesmaid dresses “out-shine” their own wedding dress. Let me reassure you, I don’t think this is ever possible!

I think the bridesmaid dresses are seen as an extension of your dress. It is clear to all your guests that you choose the bridesmaids dresses so it is seen as an expression of your own creativity. It is your way of adding colour and sparkle to your wedding dress without actually needing to add it to the dress itself.

See your bridesmaids dresses as an accessory to your own wedding dress. For example, the ladies above look stunning in long silky bridesmaid dresses and this makes a statement about the brides natural style and grace and the feel of the wedding in general. These pastel colours are also the perfect compliment to bright, pastel wedding pictures.

When choosing a bridesmaid dress style there are three general rules to consider:

1) Don’t choose a “bridesmaid dress”

To choose the perfect, modern and eye-catching bridesmaid dress, the key is to not look for a traditional “bridesmaids dress” design. If you go out looking for a “bridesmaids” dress, the danger is you will end up with something old-fashioned or too traditional.

Go looking for a ‘wow’ dress that you would personally love to wear to a special occasion. This is how you will choose a bridesmaid dress design with a modern design and makes a statement about your style and creativity. As a general rule, if is would work as a glamorous evening dress or a dress you would wear to make an impression, it will work perfectly as a bridesmaid dress.

2) Keep the colours light and pastel. 

Dark colours don’t photograph well in bright and pastel pictures. Stick to pastel shades and this will not only compliment but actually enhance the quality of your photos. Equally, avoid vibrant shades of yellow, baby blue or bright green. The secret is dusky, muted or vintage tones. Think nude, grey, gold, dusky green, pink, pale yellow or dusky blues.

3) Be bold and creative.

Add sequins, multiple colours or jewels. This will never detract from your wedding dress, it will only add to it. Be brave, choose dresses make a statement, catch the light and sparkle, or create a sense of opulence. Now is not the time to play it safe. Opt for silky fabrics like the gorgeous ladies above and don’t be afraid to add details, embellishments and glitter. Or, if you prefer the rustic, boho look then opt for lace and textured or patterned fabrics.

These are just general rules, but to get more specific: in additional to the glamorous, pastel, “evening-dress” design, there are 5 other bridesmaid dress designs that are a dream to photograph and all add both glamour and a bit of fun into your wedding day style. Have a look…

Sequinned Bridesmaid dresses are an absolute dream to photograph. They add glitz and glamour to any wedding in either summer or winter. Whether full-bodied sequin or partial sequin, the sparkle this adds catches the light and looks breath-taking both in person and in camera. You can’t go wrong with a sequinned bridesmaid dress. Remember to keep the colours pastel and soft, and combine with either silky, satin fabrics or tulle.

All-white bridesmaid dresses are the perfect boho, bridesmaid look. If you would like a rustic, boho styled wedding, all-white bridesmaid dresses could be a perfect way to go! Opt for either old vintage dresses, mix-matched styles or textured fabric like lace or crochet. Shorter lengths work particularly well to compliment your longer dress but you can also be brave and add longer lengths too.

The beaded bridesmaid dress adds the perfect touch of vintage glamour to any wedding day style. Remember to keep the colours soft and pastel, the more muted the better. Light pinks, golds, copper, nude or any neutral tone works really well. Subtle is the name of the game. Light will dance off the dresses in a magical way. These bridesmaid dresses will look stunning in pictures and make a strong statement about your confident sense of style and natural elegance.

Why not have a bit of fun with your bridesmaid dresses? If you are the kind of girl who loves happy colours and summery patterns, but also love the idea of a white wedding dress, then adding these splashes of colour and floral designs into your bridesmaid dresses is the perfect option. Surround yourself with happy fabrics and colours. Be moderate with any darker, bolder colours, using sparingly. Offset with more gentle colours to still compliment the soft, pastel element of your wedding pictures.

And finally, I am obsessed with vintage, boho style wedding dresses. Again, keep the fabrics, soft and pastel coloured but adding texture with lace, crochet and embellishments and vintage patterns. These dresses create such a strong statement of style and also set the tone for the rest of the wedding. If the bridesmaids are in fun, elegant or unusual vintage/boho dresses, it immediately says to all of your guests, ‘this is a fun wedding, we want you to relax.’

So, in closing, have fun choosing your bridesmaids dresses, they are an extension of your wedding dress so don’t play safe. Be bold and be creative. Avoid dark colours, traditional designs or vibrant shades. Some of the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses I have ever seen have been bought from Asos or high-street fashion shops, so you don’t have to break the bank on designer clothes or expensive dress shops. Infact, opting for high-street or online fashion outlets is likely to bring more modern and striking dresses into the search anyway.

And don’t forget the golden rule: Would you wear it? Don’t look for a “bridesmaids dress”, look for a dress that you would personally wear to a gala and feel a million dollars in (no-body said you can’t buy an extra dress to keep for  yourself either!)