Chateau D’Hallines

I think Josh and Chloe might just be my two new favourite people (who am I kidding, all my clients are my favourite!) I don’t know how I manage to keep meeting such genuinely warm, happy and fun-loving clients but I am so grateful. And they don’t come any more big hearted and full of laughter than these two! Their rustic, woodland wedding in Chateau D’Hallines north France was simply perfect. Just 40 mins from Calais Eurostar station, Chateau D’Hallines is the perfect choice for any London bride looking to have a french Chateau wedding in France without any of the hassle or restrictions of flying. Absolutely perfect!

“We were initially drawn in by SJ’s light and airy photography style, it’s so romantic. Then the more we browsed SJ’s website, the more her gorgeous personality shone out, and that sealed the deal for us!

SJ fitted right in with our friends and family seamlessly. She has a talent of immediately putting everybody at ease.

SJ felt far more like our friend than our photographer, it felt more like we had an extra wedding guest, capturing candid shots whilst joining in with the fun.

Some of our favourite memories from our wedding day happened when SJ whisked us away for 10 minutes here, while she secretly conducted mini photoshoots so discretely that we almost forgot she was there… until the next minute when she’d have us in stitches!

Our wedding album is like a fairytale story book. And best of all, SJ works so efficiently that our photographs were ready before we even got home from our honeymoon, just weeks after our wedding day!

Hiring SJ the best decision you’ll make during your entire wedding planning. It’s a no brainer!”