Business Mentoring and Editing Coaching

Welcome friend!

If you are UNSURE where to start (or go next) with your business,

BURNT OUT from going it alone,

or FRUSTRATED with mentors trying to fit you into their formula when it doesn’t suit your personality and lifestyle,

…you are in the right place!

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“SJ has given me a NEW LEASE OF LIFE and inspired me to keep going.

I AM CONFIDENT in what I am selling now. I have learnt to believe in my business and MY WORTH as a photographer.

I can only see my business GROWING AND IMPROVING, and if I ever think I’m off track I know help is not far away.

Coaching with SJ was the BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.


“The 24 hour booking process was such a REVELATION

…and the new FILTERING PROCESS for my website.

Her strategy for presenting prices is GENIUS, Plus the strategy for HANDLING DEALSEEKERS

…I could go on all day!

I am utterly thrilled with my lessons and THEY BLINKIN’ WORK!”


“I’m so excited, SJ helped me create a LOVELY NEW PRESET, in just one session.

I’ve learnt new editing skills and VASTLY IMPROVED the time it takes to edit a wedding.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND investing in these sessions. SJ is SO KNOWLEDGEABLE about editing

…plus the session was like CHATTING TO AN OLD FRIEND.”


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Money-Back Guarantee *

If your first lesson is not helpful you are protected by my UNIQUE, no-questions asked, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE *

Finding the right mentor can feel like a risky (and expensive) process but your happiness is my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

I want you to feel 100% CONFIDENT so you can try a session, risk-free.


Business Mentoring

Taking the guess-work out of building a
photography business, each session
with SJ is practical, personalised
and achievable:

  • Create personalised long-term strategy
  • Formulate manageable “next-step” plan
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Increasing prices
  • Sales psychology for upselling
  • Identify ideal client profile
  • Target branding to ideal client profile
  • Website & portfolio reviews
  • Converting deal-seekers
  • Writing irresistible website copy
  • Confidence with networking
  • Portfolio building
  • Handling unreasonable requests
  • Managing client expectations
  • Freedom from the “comparison trap”
  • Creating strict work/life balance
  • Running business without it running you
  • Creating margin & financial buffer
  • Email script formation
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Mental, emotional & spiritual health

& much more…

Editing Coaching

Bypass years of frustration with a
guided walk-through of Lightroom,
film emulation and preset creation.

  • Create a personalised “one-click” preset
  • Customise pre-bought presets
  • Achieving a film look on digital files
  • Managing difficult lighting conditions
  • Retouching skills
  • Learn to edit a wedding in 6-8 hours
  • Achieving a bright & airy effect
  • Preserving skin tones
  • Create distinctive, brand “look”
  • Consistency across all conditions
  • Rainy-day editing techniques
  • Adding vibrance whilst staying “pastel”
  • Softening shadows without washing out
  • Reducing contrast without losing depth
  • Matching film scans
  • Bright sun editing hacks
  • Mixed lighting colour management
  • Time-saving hacks and apps
  • Colour matching
  • Luminance sliders
  • Short-cut keys and batch processing
  • SEO image optimisation

& much more…

* Price per hour BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT available:

£120 per session

when purchased in a block of 5 (£600 total) to be taken weekly or fortnightly. To get in touch and book your first RISK-FREE session:

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I know choosing a mentor can feel daunting. Opening your life and business to someone to scrutinise and shape, requires bravery, vulnerability and trust.

Be reassured you that your comfort and confidence is my number one priority.

So, let me tell you a little about my background and approach to the mentoring process.

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My Background

My first experience of entrepreneurial business wasn’t even in photography… it was as a singing teacher! After becoming fully-booked within a year, charging twice that of any other coach in the area, and growing a waiting list of over 100 people, I discovered I had a bit of a knack for service-based business and adored the freedom of self-employment. Fast forward to buying our first house, we needed to renovate meaning I could no longer accommodate clients at my house, so I turned to photography (aided by my self-taught husband Matt). Within 6 months I was full-time (through utilising a surprising variety of free marketing), and was very quickly working part-time hours for a full-time salary I could have only dreamed of.

Publishing a Book

After running several photography business workshops and providing 1-2-1 non-photography business coaching I realised I not only had a sixth sense for sales and marketing, but an addictive joy in seeing others inspired and empowered to make their dream businesses a reality too.

In 2018 I published my first book called:

“THE BUSINESS OF BLESSING: The Biblical Blueprint for a God-Abundant Business”

I wasn’t sure what the reception would be, but quickly received the most incredible feedback with readers calling it: “MIND-BLOWING!” “LIFE-CHANGING!” and a book they “COULDN’T PUT DOWN!” It contained my personal spiritual journey through the Bible, running profitable business, and the benefits of ethical business practice. It also contained many of the practical business strategies I had developed over the years like:* my 12-STEP, INTENSIVE SALES PROCESS and* my 9 VALUE TRIGGERS to guarantee a sale

buy the book

If you would like a copy you can find it in any Amazon store under: THE BUSINESS OF BLESSING: The Biblical Blueprint for a God-Abundant Business There is also a free study guide & 12-page business template at

My Approach

When it comes to mentoring I passionately believe that you know your life and business better than anyone (I know you may not believe that right now, but you will after a few sessions!)

My focus is enabling you to tune into, and trust, your inner wisdom, which is already guiding you to your perfect life.

Empowerment not Education

I believe that learning to trust your instinct, intelligence and resilience is at the heart of running any successful business.

Along with sharing practical business strategies I look to also help you to visualise and verbalise your dreams, fears, strengths, automatic negative thoughts, comparison and inadequacy triggers, and help you celebrate even the smallest of “wins”.

I personally utilise a variety of emotional and spiritual practices to remain focused, calm, confident and hopeful. I want to help you find yours so you can stay in control even when life gets scary.

Practical Strategy

I also have a particular love for creating manageable, exciting and tangible “next steps’ I will work within your personality and lifestyle to suggest targets that feel un-daunting, clear and achievable (and even fun!) Whilst still keeping you on track to reach your ultimate goals.

I am an anti-hustle entrepreneur. I have seen too many business owners burn out because they didn’t find their perfect pace and rhythm.

I believe building business can be rewarding and challenging whilst still being relaxing and enjoyable. We will work together to make sure this is true for you too. Tackling fears and stressful mindsets where necessary, to ensure you thrive and feel in control and content at every stage of the journey.

I would love you do this for you too. Together we’ll create the life and business you want, …starting with today.

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